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Thread: How to fix the battlesystem (Discussion)

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    Cool How to fix the battlesystem (Discussion)

    Lets be honest here kids, this battle system is broken, and the old one was too.

    The current system has game breaking bugs but I'm not going to bring that up at this time. Essentially the current battle system relies far more heavily on who can load their screen to fire the fastest. This is a horrible basis for a game, especially an mmorpg.

    What I propose is we create a hybrid between the current system and the old final fantasy turn based battle system.

    Situation 1- A fleet ambushes another fleet.
    Defensive fire upon entry will be normal. However, the fleet that is defending and the fleet that is attacking now get two choices, "run or fight". A roll of the dice (internal script) will decide if a fleet that chooses to run can run away successfully. If a fleet is not successful in running, they will receive a penalty of some sort. Maybe a free attack against them if they fail to run away? Perhaps it should be slightly easier for the people that initiated the assault to run away.

    System blockade- It would still affect flight range and have a new but similar function. Perhaps it would make it harder to run away, or you'd take some damage while running.

    Situation 2- A siege
    What I am suggesting would allow hundreds of slots to fight each other at the same time. A team of players could enter at the same time. That way several hundred slots could engage an enemy fleet at the same time, resulting in an epic battle instead of the same tedious crap we've all grown accustomed to. Lets say the team that is assaulting an enemy fort brings 400 slots. Upon entry they would take entry damage on all 400 slots of ships or perhaps only on the ships that are outside of hangers. (How the damage is distributed would need to be discussed during development PUBLICLY) [How carriers would work needs to be discussed too, so they're not useless. Especially when concerning system blockade...] Then the team that is assaulting the fort would all take aim on their targets, and fire. [I would suggest that carriers should be able to dump their contents and do one other action as part of their turn.] Then the assault team would take defensive fire. At that point, the people defending could have their turn to fire back. [They'd have a specified time limit to do this, otherwise they'd either lose their turn, or the computer could do it for them.] When a team is firing, they could have options for groups of ships within their main fleet. That way they could withdraw their carriers while attacking with other ships.

    I shall explain the defensive fire a little better here. After person 1 on the assault team makes his move, defensive fire will hit him. Then the second person on the assault team will fire, and so on... [This can be reworked a bit]

    After reading some other ideas, I will revise this. Keep in mind, this idea is preliminary only.
    I'll be totally legit... Oh my!

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    First off: Thanks for your input!

    Even if we wanted to rewrite the whole BS it would take a very long time... several months at least...
    I want to be honest with you all: It is not planed to redo the whole battlesystem to this point, so wanting such big changes will not get you anywhere.

    But i am aware of certain balance issues and other admins agree to this...

    For my part i think that fighters are pretty useless right now, except for little defence where they are good but not great.
    Part of the Problem here is that the Iowa and the Bandari are good vs fighters but not bad vs anything else too...

    So: if you have an idea how to improve the balance of the battlesystem feel free to write it here or message it to me.

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    Mhh... is that what Xotor mentioned, a problem resulting from the BS, or from the ship balancing?
    Ok the Fighter in relation to the carrier... but Bandari and Iowa...

    I don't like the Bandari... so mehhh and shoudn't be the cloverfield against Iowas?

    (sorry for my english... its late and i am exhausted)
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    Although I think Hoodie's idea is terrific, simply having more control in battle would be an improvement as well. One should be able to flee from battle, to set damage distribution, and to have different ships target different enemies.

    Either there should be more ships, or the existing ships should function better together in a mixed fleet. For instance, darinayas should be more focused on damage than speed (let other ships be about speed), making them effective escorts for slower Adrecs. An organized fleet structure should be encouraged, with squadrons of frigates and corvettes escorting cruisers and destroyers, with these groups in turn escorting carriers and flagships. The current battle system encourages the segregation of different ship types, which is bad.

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    The big problem with "having controll in battles" is always an advantages for the attacer, because they will only attac if the defenders are offline and can´t controll their fleet.

    Thats a problem in the actual battelsystem too, but not to that big part. And that is why you can´t choose the weapon you want to use on a certain ship any more, like it was in the very old days.

    In my oppinion the two central problems of the stne battlesystem are that you need to be fast do to anything at all and that there is no posibility of big fights. It´s allways 1 Fleet vs X Fleets in the calculations at least.

    But as i said above this propably wont change soon

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