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Thread: Tractorbeam Bugs and Stuff

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    Tractorbeam Bugs and Stuff

    I think it will be best to explain some stuff here, so everyone can read it and you don't hear it all from other players.

    Bugs are unavoidable in every computer system, we can prevent them as best we can but we can never be sure and there will be bugs. That's not just a thing from STNE, you have to update and upgrade your programs all the time because of that. In Stne however sometimes a lot of damage can be done before the bug is fixed. Because of that there are rules to prevent the using of bugs to your own advantage or the disadvantage of others (

    Rules are never perfect and are hard to formulate exactly. That's why we have the STNE-Court, its up to the Court to judge the actions of the players. In extreme cases we admins have to judge ourselves but normally it should be up to the Court.

    I know that things get handled differently on EN and i´m writing this as an experienced DE player and admin. A few years back we had to make the rules much more strict than before. A few very creative players started to search for bugs and tried to exploit them when possible. They destroyed fleets and took resources and then said they didn´t know it was a bug. Therefore it was said that you don´t need to know that it is a bug to been guilty of bug-using.
    If a bug was found and it seems reasonable that the person did so by accident nothing happens. But if he used the bug for his advantage he gets punished. Now what is reasonable?
    On DE it´s common knowledge that the tractor beam causes a battle-tick.
    A unprecise rule for this could be: Every action that harms ships or colonies of other players should cause a battle-tick.
    For us admins it was clear that this behaviour was common knowledge and therefore every exception is a bug.

    The tractor beam bug got much attention lately and is the main cause for this post.

    It is a bug that you can activate the tractor beam without a battle-tick (but would be a "no action" battle-tick for your ally, etc)
    Therefore activating the tractor beam to pull ships into a hangar and to destroy them there was bug-using.

    Killing a ship inside the hangar is not a bug, that was a detail i got wrong and i'm sorry for the confusion i may have caused.

    As i heard many had used this bug, and i don´t know if you knew it was a bug or not. How should i? i can't read your minds!

    I asked the german judges what they would do in this case, without telling them which server or alliance or player involved.
    They said they would rule it as intended bug-using because everyone should anticipate that killing so many ships without any reaction is not intended by the programmers and the person must have known that they did wrong.
    The sentence in this case would be 2-4 weeks ban.

    If they thought the player couldn´t have known it was wrong then he will got a warning not to do that again and every other player should´ve be warned by that too.

    But it´s not DE it´s EN. Your common sense seems to be different and you seems to handle things differently.
    So your judges have to decide whats your common sense, what could´ve you known or not.
    Did these players act on purpose knowing they were wrong? i really cant say.

    That's why the EN-Court has to decide.

    Sorry for this wall of text and please excuse my english!

    Greetings Xotor

    TL;DR: It´s completely up to the EN-Court.

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    Tractorbeam Bugs and Stuff

    Here is a simple question:
    Does any experienced player believe that 150-200 red alert fighters can be killed without causing a BT?

    It's an obvious no and any experienced players that find a way to do it know it's a bug.It's plain and simple , you can not kill red alert enemy ships without causing a BT and if you do it's a bug and if you kill 150-200 it's seriously abusing a bug. It has totally changed which way the war was gonna go and handed those players that blatantly abused a bug a serious advantage.Action should be taken immediately on this!

    Again every experienced player knows you are not meant to be able to kill 150-200 red alert fighters without causing a battle tick and if you can it's a bug.They spent over an hour and a half exploiting this bug. this one is killed because it is held under tractor meaning the fighter had no dodge this shows my red alert fighter being killed inside hanger
    click on images to enlarge

    [player: 34863]

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    Now let us imagine that same scene but with 79 more ships shooting the large ship. Surely the small ships are not going to sit there and allow one of their own to be hit with a tractor beam and brought on board an enemy ship to be destroyed without retaliating? The obvious answer is they're going to shoot the large ship while it attempts to tractor them one at a time. To claim that you can do in good faith what the accused did without causing a battle tick defies logic and is certainly not how the game was designed or meant to be played. This is a massive case of bug using, pure and simple. A ship/fleet that is on red alert is going to retaliate if any hostile action is taken against it.
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