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Thread: Moving to colonist zone

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    Moving to colonist zone

    hey all,

    So my first move to the colonist zone proved to be a bad move :P I colonized in some faction's space and was promptly blockaded, forcing me to reset and start over. Is there a way to see on a map where are good zones for colonizing (or at least one where no one will find it offensive if I were to colonize there)? Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    Hi Garak,

    I'm not familiar with the EN-Server, but on German servers it is a good idea to either get a kind of political map of the server (which says which area is claimed by which fraction) or to look for a alliance you like and start in their area.
    You might also want to make contact to them before doing so, they might be looking for new members and maybe even support you

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