Banned for twelve hours for an f-bomb on chat;

There were no mods online at the time of this infraction; Q came to me privately over six hours later and accepted a ban without protest. That is why I decided not to issue the normal day-long ban.
Also, there were extenuating circumstances around Q's outburst. After reading around half an hour of chat before the f-bomb was dropped, it became evident that Q was being trolled by two players (who got warnings from me, six hours later, as a formality). However, no moderators were online and, as such, this trolling went on for almost an hour. As such, it is my opinion that, had a moderator been online to stop the initial infraction, Q would not have dropped the f-bomb.
With those two things taken into account, I advise this ban NOT be added to Q's permanent record. He never would have been banned had he not approached me, and he should be rewarded for this honest integrity, not punished for it. Whatever the result, Q has asked to be informed whether or not this goes on his permanent record, via IGM.
If the Overseer, or any curious player, has any questions about this, please contact me and I gladly answer them.