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    Angry Xajii (NPC)

    so guys, you try to ignore this? then here again.

    ~one week ago, i got attacked at night:
    Trigger Xajii (NPC) Date 20.09.2013 04:01:00
    Trigger Xajii (NPC) Date 20.09.2013 05:00:43

    it took almost exactly one hour, to fullify this heroic act. in fact, the first time i thought some guy is faking an npc. this is just not, what npc's are for in this game. but... it is really normal npc. what a shame.

    so, what happened: i logged in and found my ships wasted. they didnt got killed, but disabled - how human. to bad he diasbeld almost everything -.- i cant make a move, i dunno how to repair stuff now with all this new "features" and so on. well, half of my "military" is gone and ALL civilian ships! colo-ship, freighters, my xmas calendar creds freigther too... and the worst thing: my trading base. all ****ed up! i dont know hot to solve this. i play stne now for over 10 years and some players managed to get me really angry - but that a npc follows in their footsteps is too much.

    i dont have time to play, but i love still stne. i put so many energy in this game and helped long time to manage it, to form it. i even started with the first en-npc's as ferengi (my last active part)... well, thats where they end now? great.

    actually i learn for exams. more than some minutes i cant spend. you see, it took me a week to create a posting here after my igm to the npc overseer got ignored. the next great thing. as i said, i dont have many time. i created an account with almost selfsufficient colonies. i only need to deliver supplies from time to time. once or twice i month i gather deuterium with 3 ships (only to get an imagination of how "big" my acc is). i dont have the time to repair it all (and i dont know how). at least, u killed my account completely - great work. is this what npc's are for? comming with an overmighty ship (i couldnt even kill his shields lol) and ruin player accounts? i dont have treaties or guys near me that can help. im on my own. but hey, i play like this: i try not to get in trouble, be peacefull and dont harm anyone. well, when it doesnt work, **** happens. but not with a npc!

    i dont want to be ignored, ofc not. but what could have been happen? you come and kill my military ships, u shoot some claw marks in my freigthers for example and perhaps some lonly freighter gets killed to. you steal what u can and perhaps destroy some storages or smth like this. then you write a nice rpg and leave. perhaps u leave a ship with stolen goods hidden near me, so i have a chance to enter your rp and try to get my stuff back or follow you. so many possibilities! but now, we are a big fat npc. we come here and kill in brainless manner all we see and leave without a trace. no message no nothing (only to remember - it took you an hour to kill my ~20 ships, you had enough time).

    as i said before: i want compensation! at least help me to rescue my account god damnit.

    BUT DONT IGNORE ME. as you can believe, im really pissed... when you dont react on this topic too and ignore it, i will go on to find a solution.

    edit: ah, i almost forgot... DiAlbo Ralek Monso (32142)
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    I believe the proper outlet to lodge a formal complaint is by sending a message to the NPC Overseer, EN-1 17, with the allegations and proof.

    Also, as the Xajii are run by an ordinary player, not a full-time NPC, they are being closely observed by the STNE Team; any complaint you have against this NPC will be followed up upon, when you properly lodge it.


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    then check the inbox of your overseer -.- what do yout think was the first i did? ive got ignored. and now? it took 2 weeks to answer? xD great.

    well, why i look again here is your great rp. well, at least u wrote one, better than nothing. first +
    but when i read this scn i ask my selfe, why u attacked me >< here some quotes:

    "The Xajii have eliminated aggression on many worlds; countless worlds."
    please WHAT? thats exactly what i complained about. if u killed my military, ok, fine. but u killed my complete civil "fleet". how aggressive can those ships be? xD

    "From our origins in the Lyra galaxy billions of years ago where we nearly wiped ourselves out."
    oha, billions of years and you (your faction) learned... nothing? "uh, they hurt me, so when i hurt others its justice..." - oookay

    "You see the Xajii as a plague when the truth is that we are much the opposite of this. The worlds you have destroyed understood this, and you killed them for it."
    and again the question: why then me? >< show me ONE world i killed. not even in my npc or admin time i did something like this and on de-1 my last attack was in times, where 40 old adrecs (40hull/40shields, slots where unknown, 4(x1) phaser-dmg...) have been an acceptable fleet xD so its a bit time down the river...

    all in all: well done -.- and if you are a part-time npc or not - you have the responsibility of your powers with those accounts! DONT abuse them and dont use that crap as excuse please

    so lets say: for future: think twice what you do. when you go on like this you will cause more damage than fun to this game. when the ppl start to leave coz such crap is tolerated... hf

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