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Thread: Void space build rights

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    Void space build rights


    We would like to ask the admin and the games programmers to reconsider a recent change to the game, when new research was made available in the form of "deep space navigation".

    We understand that the point of the change was to make the game more interesting and to add more steps into playing the game therefore giving it more depth. As we understand before this change it was free for all players to navigate void tiles between arms of the galaxy and to build portals and bases in said areas.

    We now understand that once the "deep space navigation" is research we only gain the ability to travel through the space and to not build portal and bases again in that space.

    While we accept the extra research step we do not understand the logical reason for not being able to build in this said space. As in reality, space between galaxies is the same as space in galaxies and between arms of galaxies to the best of our scientific knowledge.

    Many of the players of this great and fun game feel the same way and we would like either the old rules reinstated once the research for "deep space navigation is completed or for an extra research step to be incorporated to allow us to once again build in this space as it allows for many Role playing scenarios and also adds an extra dimension to the game.


    Shinz EN1-25626

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    This change is due to circumstances of Server 1
    Admin Proxi there has defined the NPC areas as voids. Thus, players can fly on these areas then the research was introduced and at the same time it set so that can be built in these zones no colonies or stations / portals.
    So is a scheduled bug.

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