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Thread: Shiptype Suggestion: Pocket Battleship

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    Shiptype Suggestion: Pocket Battleship

    Greetings! It is I, Felix, once more coming with suggestions. This time, I've prepared a small presentation related to a problem that is much bemoaned, but nobody seems to want to act on: the lackluster diversity in ship types and holes in the settler ship lineup. There are a number of suggestions I have for new ship types, both buildable and credit ships. For the sake of brevity, I'm only going to present one ship in this post, the Pocket Battleship.

    The term "pocket battleship", was coined a few years before WW2, and was used by some in the British press to refer to the Kriegsmarine's Deutschland-class heavy cruisers due to their disproportionate armament of six 11-inch guns. However, for ingame purposes I would use the term to describe what is basically a downscaled (STNE) Iowa-class, as I believe the jump in cost and combat power from the Bandari-class to the Iowa-class is simply too great to justify in any believable way. As such, I have come up with a pair of ship types to fill the role of the pocket battleship.

    As the Rei'Kon-class is a generally strong combat ship on its own, I had decided to create a pocket battleship based on it. Sacrifing all fighter-carrying capacity and half of its cargo bay, the Rei'Kon Type B uses the freed up space to heavily increase hull strength, armour, and shielding while also mounting more phasers, disruptors, and even a quartet of comparatively weak antiproton cannons.
    Rei´Kon Type B
    (Pocket Battleship)

    Slots: 13
    Crew: 100 (100)
    Limit: ##
    Limit-Group: ##

    Hull: 1200
    Armor: 7
    Shields: 1000

    EPS: 1200
    Main Energy: 2400
    Reactor: 300 {}
    Core Capacity: 20000
    Flight Range: 50
    Deflector: 400
    Deflector/Tick: 40
    Cargo Bay: 1000
    Beam Capacity: 20

    Disruptor: 10x 18|18
    Antiproton Cannon: 4x 120|120 80%
    Phaser: 10x 8|8 -85%
    EMP Torpedo: 6x 28|0|28
    Photon Torpedo: 6x 10|10
    Plasma Torpedo: 6x 24|24
    Quantum Torpedo: 6x 28|28
    Polaron Torpedo: 6x 0|10
    Nemesis Torpedo: 6x 30|0
    Evasion 5%

    Solar panels
    System Blockade
    LRS Range 5
    13 Required Hangar Slots
    6 Energy Travel Cost
    600 Torpedo Capacity

    With the Rei'Kon Type B's stats set up, and a sprite assembled I looked to the Amaterasu-class heavy carrier for the settler version's sprite as it too is a 15-slot warship. I decided to give this ship a slightly different layout of weapons, to seperate it from its credit competitor.
    (Pocket Battleship)

    Slots: 15
    Crew: 120 (100)

    Hull: 1000
    Armor: 6
    Shields: 1000

    EPS: 1000
    Main Energy: 2000
    Reactor: 250 {}
    Core Capacity: 18000
    Flight Range: 45
    Deflector: 400
    Deflector/Tick: 40
    Cargo Bay: 800
    Beam Capacity: 10

    Pulse Phaser: 8x 24|24 15%
    Antiproton Cannon: 2x 180|180 90%
    Phaser: 8x 8|8 -85%
    EMP Torpedo: 8x 28|0|28
    Photon Torpedo: 8x 10|10
    Plasma Torpedo: 8x 24|24
    Quantum Torpedo: 8x 28|28
    Polaron Torpedo: 8x 0|10
    Nemesis Torpedo: 8x 30|0
    Evasion -30%

    System Blockade
    LRS Range 3
    15 Required Hangar Slots
    9 Energy Travel Cost
    400 Torpedo Capacity

    If need be, I can easily translate any of my suggestions into German, as I'm a native speaker.
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