Dax (EN1-72641)


Knowingly accepting a large quantity of NPC resources, using these to bid on NPC ship auctions and eventually selling them on to another player for credits.


This issue was discovered during routine checks of NPC accounts and transactions, and is an unfortunate case of an NPC handing out resources from an NPC account to benefit a specific player working as a ‘minion’ within their alliance.

A thorough investigation of both accounts took place and it was discovered that the resources had been initially used on failed bids for ships being auctioned, before being traded for credits and then spent on other resources and avatars.

I have been able to reclaim all of the value gained by this player through the use of NPC resources, by deleting avatars and ships under construction. The remaining resources have already entered the player economy and have passed through so many hands that it would be unfair and too complex to try and extract them further.

The punishment is a complete game ban for a period of one month, on both EN1 and ES1. This will severely impact this player’s ongoing bids on ship auctions and is judged sufficient for knowingly accepting resources from an NPC, in a breach of game rules.

This player is also banned from holding any game staff position, or any role in the NPC team, for an indefinite period.